Who’s losing their base?

When “Howard’s battlers” defected from Labor in 1996, political commentators shifted their focus to Sydney’s western suburbs, writes Peter Brent. But what if the whole idea was founded on a misreading of the data?

21 Aug 14 | Comments (0)

Climate change and the intellectual decline of the right

No arguments seem to sway right-wing politicians and commentators in the United States and Australia, says John Quiggin. Will we have to wait for demography to do its work?

18 Aug 14 | Comments (7)

Labor, the Coalition and the problem of political identity

Labor and the Coalition are caught between vying for the middle ground and differentiating themselves in the political marketplace. Behind it all, there’s one vital difference, writes Norman Abjorensen

12 Aug 14 | Comments (6)

Not over till they’re over: the countdown to the US midterm elections

Although some commentators say the results are certain, writes Lesley Russell, the race that will shape Barack Obama’s final two years in the White House is far from over

11 Aug 14 | Comments (0)

If an election had been held on the weekend…

What happens when you add a hypothetical to a hypothetical? Peter Brent casts a sceptical eye over the polling industry

07 Aug 14 | Comments (2)

The winter of Senator Faulkner’s discontent

Tradition triumphed once again at the weekend’s state Labor Party conference in Sydney, writes Brett Evans.

29 Jul 14 | Comments (2)

Germany on song

Germany and its football team have evolved in tandem over the past six-and-a-half decades. Klaus Neumann traces the story from the 1954 “Miracle of Bern” to this month’s World Cup win

24 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

The rise and fall of Labor’s first party professional

Cyril Wyndham, the energetic, reformist outsider, changed forever the way Labor organised itself federally, writes Stephen Mills. And then he paid the price for pursuing an independent line

21 Jul 14 | Comments (0)