The deaths on 21 June 2012: WA’s coroner reports

Over one hundred people died in the waters between Indonesia and Christmas Island on 21 June 2012 after repeated calls for help. This week’s coroner’s report calls into question Australian search and rescue practices, writes Tony Kevin

01 Aug 13 | Comments (1)

Why we would gain from a regional approach to refugee protection

What would a sustainable regional approach look like? Anne McNevin outlines the main features – and benefits – of an alternative to the Labor–Coalition deterrence consensus

31 Jul 13 | Comments (6)

How to break the people smugglers’ real business model

Both the government and the opposition are focusing on the wrong problem, writes Anne McNevin

25 Jul 13 | Comments (4)

Attentiveness and indifference

Two cases from Europe show that there are other ways of understanding irregular migrants, writes Klaus Neumann

22 Jul 13 | Comments (1)

Could I describe you as a Catholic feminist?

From the Radio National archive, Terry Lane talks to Labor senator Jacinta Collins

09 Jul 13 | Comments (0)

Bob Carr and the ghost of Philip Ruddock

The foreign minister’s tough talking on asylum seekers doesn’t fit with the facts, writes Peter Mares

02 Jul 13 | Comments (9)

No country is an island

Arja Keski-Nummi looks at how Australia can take the lead in developing regional solutions to the regional challenge of informal migration

27 Jun 13 | Comments (0)

Just hook around Tasmania and pop across the Tasman

Despite the lack of boat arrivals, New Zealand has introduced new laws to deal with irregular migrants arriving by sea. Could it be that the New Zealand government is afraid that Australia could tell asylum seekers to keep moving east, asks Klaus Neumann

21 Jun 13 | Comments (0)