Arise, Prince Lachlan

Lachlan and James Murdoch’s appointments to senior positions could help sow the seeds of unrest in the Murdoch empire, writes Rodney Tiffen

08 Apr 14 | Comments (0)

On trial for hacking: the story so far

It’s now the defence’s turn to put its case in the News International phone-hacking trial in London. Rodney Tiffen untangles the testimony to date

13 Feb 14 | Comments (0)

Yes, it is our ABC

The gulf between the views of the public and the ABC’s vocal critics is large and growing, writes Rodney Tiffen

05 Dec 13 | Comments (5)

Government by the old, for the old?

The politics of the ageing electorate is complicating government responses to the ageing society, writes Rodney Tiffen

27 Nov 13 | Comments (0)

Rupert Murdoch’s sixtieth anniversary and the hazards of longevity

Rupert Murdoch may have set a world record for longevity in corporate governance, but his reputation would stand higher if he had retired ten years ago, writes Rodney Tiffen

16 Oct 13 | Comments (3)

Col Allan, Murdoch’s $100 million man

Shareholders might be wise to worry about Rupert Murdoch’s “gifted tabloid editor,” writes Rodney Tiffen

15 Aug 13 | Comments (0)

From scandal to reform: Leveson’s way forward

The Leveson report’s case for more rigorous press accountability was immediately undercut by David Cameron, but despite the cheers from the tabloids, the prime minister has backed himself into a dangerous corner, writes Rodney Tiffen

06 Dec 12 | Comments (0)

Rupert Murdoch’s Annus Horribilis

It’s a year since News Corporation’s cover-up of phone-hacking in Britain began to unravel. Rodney Tiffen takes stock of the damage so far, assesses the News Corp split, and looks ahead

10 Jul 12 | Comments (1)