Exasperated India heads for the polls

A tired Congress Party looks unlikely to win this year’s national election, writes Robin Jeffrey

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Gloriously improbable India

Robin Jeffrey reviews a richly researched wake-up call from two distinguished India-watchers

18 Oct 13 | Comments (0)

“I’ve lost all hope that I can have a life here”

Four years after the civil war ended, many Tamils have no expectation of peace or safety in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, reports Emily Howie. This is what drives boat migration

30 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Drones in the distance

Western policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan are based on an outdated imperial playbook and a modern but mistaken belief in “surgical strikes,” writes David Stephens

14 Feb 13 | Comments (0)

Mobile phone nation

With subscriber numbers heading for a billion, the disruptive impact of mobile phones in India could be enormous. In this extract from their new book, Robin Jeffrey and Assa Doron look at how the technology is unsettling domesticity, sexuality and morality

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Taxing times are overdue in Pakistan

Very low tax receipts are hindering Pakistan’s social programs and economic reforms, writes Alicia Mollaun in Islamabad

04 Jul 12 | Comments (0)

How the world warmed to a nuclear India

India has pursued two curiously contradictory approaches to nuclear proliferation since independence, writes Kate Sullivan

03 May 12 | Comments (0)

In the dark

Pakistan’s chronic energy shortages are a vivid symptom of the country’s crisis of governance, writes Alicia Mollaun in Islamabad

01 May 12 | Comments (0)