Politics grips Pakistan

Heading towards a first round of national elections later this year, Pakistan’s politics and external relations are in flux, writes Alicia Mollaun in Islamabad

19 Jan 12 | Comments (1)

Sri Lanka’s uneasy peace

More than two years have passed since the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, but reconciliation still seems a long way off, writes Antonio Castillo

20 Oct 11 | Comments (0)

Covering Obama’s secret war

When drones strike in Pakistan, key questions go unasked and unanswered, writes Tara McKelvey

15 Sep 11 | Comments (1)

Nine-eleven-itis: crossing the borders of belonging

Shakira Hussein travels to Pakistan in the aftermath of 11 September 2001

13 Sep 11 | Comments (1)

No time to lose

Given the fragility of Pakistan’s democratic transition, the need for electoral reforms is as urgent as ever, writes the International Crisis Group’s Samina Ahmed

07 Sep 11 | Comments (0)

How outrage gripped Gandhi’s recalcitrant nation

Joseph Lelyveld’s new biography of Mahatma Gandhi caused a storm in India even before it was published there. Thomas Weber looks at the book and its critics

27 Jul 11 | Comments (0)

Hearts and minds

Christopher Snedden reviews two books – a memoir and a novel – about the conflict in Kashmir

28 Jun 11 | Comments (0)

The burden of numbers

BOOKS | Mumbai is a big city getting bigger, writes Jim Masselos, but amid the crowds the quest for freedom goes on

19 Jan 11 | Comments (0)