The American dream, in 3D

Angela Daly reviews an award-winning documentary about a technology that could fundamentally change manufacturing

14 Aug 14 | Comments (0)

The illusionist’s trick

Skype has shaped a professional and personal life across two continents, reports Virginia Lloyd

25 Jul 14 | Comments (0)

Coming, ready or not

Technology is going to drive the first revolution in schooling since the invention of the printing press, says Dean Ashenden. But it’s not just a matter of the machinery

19 Nov 13 | Comments (2)

Mobile phone nation

With subscriber numbers heading for a billion, the disruptive impact of mobile phones in India could be enormous. In this extract from their new book, Robin Jeffrey and Assa Doron look at how the technology is unsettling domesticity, sexuality and morality

14 Feb 13 | Comments (0)

The Apple farmer

Graeme Orr looks at responses to the death of the man who stood between consumers and the complexities of science, innovation and corporate strategy

10 Oct 11 | Comments (2)

Text, text, text

Is the energy, liveliness and to-the-pointness of text-messaging already history, asks Richard Johnstone 23 Oct 08 | Comments (3)