Almost live is fully legal

The AFL and the NRL’s grievance against Optus is far from the epic battle that’s been portrayed in the coverage, writes Scott Ewing

23 Feb 12 | Comments (0)

Much too promised land

Critics of Peter Kosminsky’s series The Promise – released on DVD this week – are misrepresenting its depiction of Arab and Israeli characters, argues Hal Wootten

16 Feb 12 | Comments (9)

The right thing

The screening of the ABC’s ambitious courtroom drama, Crownies, coincides with a renewed debate about Australian content. Ben Goldsmith has been watching them both

17 Aug 11 | Comments (5)

Matters of the heart

Compassion as a motivator for action is overrated, writes Klaus Neumann, but Go Back to Where You Came from is a reminder that it’s not a bad starting point

30 Jun 11 | Comments (3)

Versions of ourselves

Richard Johnstone considers the art of screen adaptation – with and without a literary source

02 Jun 11 | Comments (0)

Just a bit late, again

Ellie Rennie looks at what the federal budget means for community and Indigenous broadcasters

13 May 11 | Comments (0)

Hell in a handcart

Jill Kitson on Mad Men and The Great Gatsby

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Norse Morse

DVD | Shane Maloney reviews a second series of Henning Mankell’s Wallander stories filmed for TV

11 Apr 11 | Comments (2)