Australia–Japan relations: an alternative future

Japan’s constitutional renunciation of war shouldn’t be seen as an aberration, write Tessa Morris-Suzuki, David Chapman and Carolyn Stevens

15 Jul 14 | Comments (1)

Japan’s paradoxical shift to the right

A nationalist troika formed in the run-up to this month’s Japanese election poses challenges for the region, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki

06 Dec 12 | Comments (3)

Politics by performance

For Hashimoto Toru – hailed by many as a future national leader – it’s out with human rights and in with government-authored history. Tessa Morris-Suzuki looks at his disturbing prescription for a “new Japan”

28 Aug 12 | Comments (0)

North Korea’s Great Successor and his regional connections

Kim Jong-un’s accession comes at a time of change in the region, underlining the need for a nuanced response from Western countries, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki

29 Dec 11 | Comments (0)

The end of Japan (as we knew it)?

Japan can emerge from this disaster strengthened and more vigorous, writes Tessa Morris-Suzuki

18 Mar 11 | Comments (1)