Debunking Mawson

In his desire to find the evil in Douglas Mawson, David Day overlooks the awkward tenderness and vulnerability that may lie at the heart of this flawed and driven man, writes Tom Griffiths

03 Dec 13 | Comments (0)

A landmark work of Australian history

Tom Griffiths discusses the career of Mike Smith, author of a major new account of Australia’s desert archaeology

06 May 13 | Comments (0)

Haunted by Demons

What would success taste like, wonders Melbourne AFL supporter Tom Griffiths

03 Apr 13 | Comments (1)

The disturbing logic of “Stay or Go”

The experts driving Australia’s bushfire policies won’t acknowledge that different forests produce different fires, writes Tom Griffiths

22 Nov 12 | Comments (1)

Thus began the Australian occupation of Antarctica…

Tom Griffiths was on board the Aurora Australis as it sailed south to Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Douglas Mawson’s historic expedition. Once again, a complex interplay of science and sovereignty was at work

24 Feb 12 | Comments (1)

From the ashes

With another summer approaching, Tom Griffiths looks at two fine accounts of Black Saturday and its aftermath

12 Oct 11 | Comments (1)

A miracle of politics and science

As the world talks about climate change, the Antarctic Treaty shows how politics and science can work together with enduring results, writes Tom Griffiths

04 Dec 09 | Comments (2)

Black Saturday’s prehistory

Understanding the inevitability of devastating fires is essential for local communities and policy makers, historian Tom Griffiths tells Peter Clarke

13 Mar 09 | Comments (0)