The adaptable country

What can Australians do? They used to make radios, TV sets and Volkswagens, writes Jock Given. After 2016, they won’t even be making Falcons

06 Sep 13 | Comments (0)

Can we afford to get back on the rails?

Australia’s largest cities still rely heavily on massive investments in rail before the second world war. With renewed interest in rail as a way of dealing with congestion, Peter Mares looks at what history can tell us about the value of reinvesting in railways

12 Dec 12 | Comments (1)

Qantas: a ten-point plan

Former Qantas chief economist Tony Webber looks at the real problems behind the Qantas shutdown

02 Nov 11 | Comments (2)

Tax reform: a world of opportunity

The Henry Report spelt out a series of tax reforms that would increase environmental and social sustainability, writes Josh Dowse. It’s great ammunition for a debate that needs a fresh start

28 Sep 11 | Comments (0)

A shrinking continent

It’s becoming much easier to fly within Africa, writes Xan Rice as he visits the world’s newest nation

25 Jul 11 | Comments (1)

Who should look after the cities?

The federal government is showing signs of getting back into the urban planning business, reports Margaret Simons

02 Jun 11 | Comments (1)

When Chinese migrant workers go home

It is the world’s largest annual migration of people – tens of millions of Chinese migrant workers reuniting with their families to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Antonio Castillo reports from Guangzhou

03 Feb 11 | Comments (0)

Paying for Australia’s infrastructure deficit

Public–private partnerships have turned out to be an expensive way of plugging infrastructure gaps, writes Nicholas Gruen. The evidence shows that governments need to get back into the investment business

23 Nov 10 | Comments (3)