New ways to dud Kiwis

New Zealand has reacted to proposed changes to Australian social security law by raising discrimination concerns with Canberra, writes Peter Mares

09 Apr 14 | Comments (6)

Unemployed and wrapped in red tape

The government has created a giant job-search industry caught between competition and over-regulation, writes Elisabeth Wynhausen

02 Dec 11 | Comments (6)

Falling through the floor

One of France’s best-known journalists went undercover to see the recession first-hand. Sophie Black reviews her account of the experience

24 Nov 11 | Comments (0)

Pirates, terrorists or doctors of philosophy?

Backed by Lindsay Tanner, two initiatives in Melbourne are taking on the obstacles that face qualified Africans applying for professional jobs, reports Ralph Johnstone

10 May 11 | Comments (2)

Why unemployment benefits need to be increased

Since 1996 Newstart for a single person has fallen from around 54 per cent to 45 per cent of the after-tax minimum wage, writes Peter Whiteford. It isn’t enough to live on

07 Dec 10 | Comments (4)

Howard’s victories: which voters switched, which issues mattered, and why

The reasons for the Howard government’s electoral success are widely misunderstood, write Murray Goot and Ian Watson, and we can see the impact in the current campaign

23 Jul 10 | Comments (1)