Almost migrants

New visa arrangements make it possible for international students to study and work in Australia for many years without necessarily being on a path to permanent residency, writes Peter Mares

28 Jul 14 | Comments (1)

A new protection policy?

University ethics committees and the social sciences make awkward partners, writes Gillian Cowlishaw

17 Dec 13 | Comments (7)

The very heart of history

Three biographies reveal twentieth-century Australians in the thick of things, writes Frank Bongiorno

15 Nov 13 | Comments (5)

Innovating in a culturalised economy

As a new book argues, innovation isn’t “soldered to science,” writes Michael Gilding

06 Nov 13 | Comments (1)

Same bed, different dreams

China’s approach to science research could advance the country’s strategic objectives while doing little to advance science, writes John Fitzgerald. This poses challenges for collaborations between Australian and Chinese researchers

31 Oct 13 | Comments (1)

Evolutionary tinkering in revolutionary times

The current system of teacher education isn’t working for many students. Dean Ashenden looks at the alternatives, and their adversaries

15 Feb 13 | Comments (17)

Another blow to democracy in universities

Removing staff and student representatives from university councils in Victoria threatens scholarly values and independent criticism, argues Paul Rodan

20 Dec 12 | Comments (1)

Decline and fall?

Twenty-five years ago, John Dawkins dramatically reshaped higher education. His critics still fail to distinguish the good from the bad in his reforms, writes Dean Ashenden

22 Nov 12 | Comments (9)