The budget, fairness and class warfare

The post-budget debate reveals two fundamentally different worldviews, writes Peter Whiteford

05 Aug 14 | Comments (1)

Work till you drop?

Would increasing the pension age be fair and effective? Peter Whiteford looks at the Australian and international evidence

28 Apr 14 | Comments (4)

Two indexes, two very different impacts on pensions

If the rumours are correct, the federal government is considering a complex but far-reaching change to pension payments, writes Daniel Nethery

17 Apr 14 | Comments (2)

New ways to dud Kiwis

New Zealand has reacted to proposed changes to Australian social security law by raising discrimination concerns with Canberra, writes Peter Mares

09 Apr 14 | Comments (6)

Is Australia’s welfare system unsustainable?

Figures from the past two decades challenge the view that the welfare budget is out of control, writes Peter Whiteford, and help us understand the likely impact of future policy changes

10 Feb 14 | Comments (3)

Who gets what? Who pays for it? The welfare state debate revisited

Contrary to what many commentators claim, Australia has the lowest level of middle-class welfare in the developed world, writes Peter Whiteford

04 Jun 13 | Comments (0)

Ken Loach’s dreamland

The renowned director’s new film, which uses the socialist mood of 1945 to assail the world Margaret Thatcher created, is bad history and worse politics, says David Hayes

28 Apr 13 | Comments (1)

Carbon pricing and household compensation: is it enough?

Peter Whiteford assesses the government’s package of compensation measures

12 Jul 11 | Comments (1)