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Venice, washed by many pasts

Duplicitous, pure, dream-like, artificial, psychopathic, unpredictable? Beneath the overheated commentary about Venice, there’s a real city, writes R.J.B. Bosworth

27 Aug 14 |

Chief Justice Carmody and the “merit principle”

What are we looking for in judges, and particularly in a chief justice? The controversy over the Queensland government’s appointment of Tim Carmody QC helps clarify the issues, writes Andrew Lynch

18 Aug 14 |

Uncivil aviation: Biggles down under

W.E. Johns’s failure to adapt to the postwar era left Biggles a shadow of his wartime self, writes Adam Nicol

15 Aug 14 |

So what are feminists to do?

We not only need more women in positions of power, we also need to examine again what that power is about, argues Sara Dowse in her 2014 Emily’s List Oration

14 Aug 14 |

“We must be careful to avoid seeking intelligence simply for its own sake”

Newly released documents reveal the intelligence community in the early 1970s through the eyes of a former senior bureaucrat, writes Alan Fewster

01 Aug 14 |

The illusionist’s trick

Skype has shaped a professional and personal life across two continents, reports Virginia Lloyd

25 Jul 14 |

Germany on song

Germany and its football team have evolved in tandem over the past six-and-a-half decades. Klaus Neumann traces the story from the 1954 “Miracle of Bern” to this month’s World Cup win

24 Jul 14 |

The rise and fall of Labor’s first party professional

Cyril Wyndham, the energetic, reformist outsider, changed forever the way Labor organised itself federally, writes Stephen Mills. And then he paid the price for pursuing an independent line

21 Jul 14 |