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eBook: Climate change and equity

This eBook features Tim Senior’s recently announced prize-winning entry in the Gavin Mooney Essay Prize for 2013, together with the four runners-up

17 Apr 14 |

Antonovs, technicals and the insane logic of war in the desert

In 2007, Tom Bamforth left post-earthquake Pakistan for a different crisis, the war in Darfur. As he describes in his new book, a whole culture was being lost through brutal political calculus

26 Mar 14 |

Eleven grams of trouble

Screening for cervical cancer saves lives every day, so surely men should be screened for prostate cancer? Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than that, writes Frank Bowden

18 Mar 14 |

“Every law not based on wisdom is a menace to the state”

The number of people imprisoned in the United States has fallen every year for the past three years, yet the land of the free still has a far higher incarceration rate than any other developed nation, as Peter Mares discovered on a recent visit

11 Mar 14 |

The public interest in public broadcasting

The accountability of the ABC and SBS should be a two-way street, writes Geoff Heriot. A pattern of erratic government scrutiny fails the public-interest test

06 Mar 14 |

A view of pale hills

It’s five years since Canberra’s innovative Alexander Maconochie Centre admitted its first group of prisoners. Peter Mares visited to see if the facility is living up to its aim of being Australia’s first “human rights compliant” prison

25 Feb 14 |

Climate change and equity: whose language is it anyway?

In his winning entry for the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition, Sydney GP Tim Senior argues that language, and different ways of knowing, have been getting in the way of action on climate change

24 Feb 14 |

Labor’s Green opportunity

Labor’s combative relationship with the Greens reflects its failure to develop a genuine counter-narrative to the Coalition worldview, argues Dennis Altman

13 Feb 14 |